Saturday, August 7, 2010

Observation trip for persieds meteor shower

Come August and we have one of the best annual celestial fireworks shows – Persieds Meteor Shower.  Right now the earth is passing through fragments and dust trails created by the comet swift tuttle and this means the perseids meteor shower has started and will be getting stronger each day until its peak on 12th August 2010. Only bad weather and clouds can deprive us from this wonderful display of fireworks from the skies.  The persieds Meteor showers of August is one of the most famous Astronomical Summer time events. Some call the persieds "old Reliable" because every year it seems to deliver an extraordinary exhibit in the August skies. Lets pack our bags and spend a night under the stars far away from city light.
Also see the article about the persieds in the file sections.
astronomicans (amateur wing of SPACE) HAS decided to go for observation, following are the details about the observation.
Overnight observation of Persieds Meteor Shower 2010
Date: 12th August 2010
Day: Thursday
Venue: Sakaras, SPACE’s new observation Site (120km from from SPACE office)
astronomical Data for the site:
Sunset                                                                                                 19:01pm
Astronomical twilight ends                                   20:28pm
Astronomical twilight begins                                              04:25am
Assembly point:                                                              SPACE office
Reporting time:                                                               2:30 pm
Departure for site:                                                          3:30 pm
Departure for SPACE office from the site:          6:00 am (13 aug)
Arrival at SPACE office:                                               9:30 am
Cost:                                                                                      ` 600 (approx)
The cost includes the logistics at the site and the transportation which will depend on number of participants and will be either cab or bus. Food is not included in the cost.
So what are you waiting for pick up bags and cameras, and chase the meteor shower!!
Kindly confirm it before 9th August 2010 with Ms Shikha at 9212669953

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